Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Healthy, dewy skin for winter..

Hello everyone!! It's been so long since I blogged, I bet you're suprised to see this right now!
Where did I go? Well, earlier this year, I took a step back and had a break, just to evaluate a few things and focus my time into other important areas of my life. But, I am back now and want to thank all of you for your continued support and for not unfollowing me or my blog. So, thank you! 
So, let's get to the post...

It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Sure but not for our skin. The cold weather can and does wreak havoc with our skin, hair and immune system. So, I want to share with you three products that I am LOVING right now for giving healthy, luminous, protected and nourished skin. 
Oh and because I'm so good to you, they're all affordable. Hurrah!

Step one : 

Perfectly Pure Coconut oil from Holland And Barrett

If you follow me on social media, this will be no surprise to you. Yes, I'm talking about coconut oil! I love this stuff. Apart from making your skin look good - which lots of cosmetics do, it actually does your skin good. It's 100% natural, so it contains no added nasties like alcohol or fragrance for example. Coconut oil nourishes your skin, hydrates your skin and gives you the most amazing glow. I apply it at night and in the morning. If you want to wear this under make-up (which I do) let it soak in for at least ten minutes then take a cotton pad and dab off any excess. Then go ahead and apply your moisturiser and foundation. Result..super hydrated, soft glowing skin all day long.

Step two:

Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance Moisture Cream from Superdrug

This moisturiser is a fairly new discovery for me, I've been using it just under a month. I was drawn in by three things : the price, the ingredients and the spf (yes, I still wear spf in the winter). 
Vitamin E has long been hailed a skin saviour, renowned for it's moisturising, healing and protecting qualities. Take that into account and add on an spf, a radiant finish and a price tag of £2.99* ,you can see why I wanted to try it. And I am pleased to say, I am super impressed. I love the scent of this, the finish and for that price, I will definitely be repurchasing this! 
Result..luminous looking and moisturised skin.
*price varies due to instore offers.

Step Three:

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation from Superdrug (or Boots)

The final step...foundation. Again, this is new to me and a new product on the market. I have been using this for just under a month and have been loving the results. This is an affordable, illuminating medium coverage foundation. It does exactly what it says on the bottle, it doesn't oxidise, cake or alter throughout the day. It feels light on the skin while providing great coverage. I wear this in the shade 'Porcelain 1', which is the lightest shade and it matches me fantastically. I took a risk (not a huge risk, I know) and bought three bottles when it was on 3 for 2 and I'm glad i did now!
Result...dewy looking, evenly and well covered skin.

Every single product I mentioned, will give you glowing looking skin, whether used together like I do, or you just wear one of them. 
If you have a moisturiser or foundation you are particularly loyal to, try the coconut oil step only. I guarantee (I'm not signing anything!) that your skin will look and feel better with the coconut oil alone. Since I have been applying coconut oil in the mornings, I have been wearing less make-up . It illuminates the skin so amazingly, I can even skip concealer and highlighting! *Big thumbs up*

So, that's what I've been loving on my face lately, it works brilliantly for me and I am loving the results.

What are your favourite winter skin products?

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?

Please do share YOUR tips and leave a comment to let me know.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How I Am Growing My Hair - Tips For Speeding Up Hair Growth...

Last year, one Autumnal day, I decided to get my hair cut really short. In fact, the shortest I have ever had it. Whilst I enjoyed having it short for a while, after a few months I decided I wanted to grow it again (typical huh!?) Not just because I want longer hair again but because I want to grow my natural colour out. I have had it up to here *raises hand above head* with the maintenance and expense of having coloured hair.

Now while there is some truth in the role of genetics and the speed hair grows, there is also an awful lot YOU can do to encourage hair growth and health.


Diet is the most important element in growing healthy hair. We are essentially made from protein so eat a diet high in protein rich foods, healthy fats and drink lots of water. Water keeps all of your cells hydrated and maintains the balance of body fluids, which helps transport nutrients around the body (and to your scalp!) Don't forget your fruit and veg too, they're your vitamins! 


Exercise encourages blood flow to your face and head. When blood flow to the scalp is increased hair follicles are stimulated, thus encouraging growth. Plus getting a bit red in the face, does wonders for your skin too! If you don't fancy exercise, long headstands or hanging upside down like a bat, see the next step...

Scalp Massage

As above, increasing blood flow to the scalp can ''re-awaken'' dormant hair follicles and get that hair growing again! Spend a good five minutes massaging your scalp using your fingertips or, invest in a scalp massager like I did (see below)

Minimise Styling Time

Reduce the amount of heat and styling products you apply to your hair. Heat leads to breakages and damaging of the hair shaft itself. The same applies to colour, you might want to ditch the bleach and hair colourants if you really want to grow long healthy hair ;-)

Clean Your Hair Carefully

Try to shampoo and condition your hair 3-4 times per week maximum. Washing every day can strip hair of it's natural oils and dry your hair out. Also, choose products that contain natural ingredients like coconut, avocado, jojoba and olive. These will help add moisture to the hair and minimise split ends and other hair damage. N.B Take care of hair when it's wet, wet hair is more prone to damage. Use a wide toothed comb and comb gently from the ends upwards.


I have left this part for last as I want to go to in the most detail here. I have always eaten well and exercised and my hair has always grown pretty slowly. I introduced the following supplements into my diet at the beginning of January and my hair is now definitely growing quicker.

L-R Complete Vitamin B-Complex, Sea Kelp, Silica Complex and Hydrolysed Collagen.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are superb for general health and reducing fatigue and this complex (above) contains a myriad of super vitamins. Biotin, B12 and Folic Acid in particular are well known for the hair growth boosting properties! Biotin is probably the most famous supplement when it comes to hair growth and hair health but, by taking a full B-Complex supplement, you get many more of the much needed vitamins that really help boost a healthy head of hair!

Sea kelp

Sea Kelp is essentially an algae and a well know superfood! Kelp is really rich in Iodine, Zinc, Iron, Vitamins A and K and Amino Acids. Iodine is widely linked to hair growth and hair loss (in deficiencies) as it is vital for normal growth and development. Zinc accelerates the renewal of cells. These nutrients are vital in maintaining a healthy body, metabolism and regulating hormones and thyroid function. Thus maintaining and improving hair health as thyroid and hormone level imbalances can lead to hair loss.

Silica Complex

Firstly, Silica (Silicone and oxygen) works by helping to achieve hormonal balance. An imbalance in sex hormones is one of the main causes of hair loss. Secondly, silica binds to other minerals in the body and takes many nutrients to the peripherals of the body i.e the hair and nails. This complex also includes other hair loving and hair loss preventing minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron and Horsetail. Silica is another very popular supplement used by those wanting to grow their hair.


Collagen is a MAJOR component in forming your body's muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Collagen also plays a huge part in filling out wrinkles in the skin making it youthful and plump. Collagen is also vital for strengthening and thickening the hair. As we age our natural collagen production starts to decrease *sad face* This particular Collagen supplement (above) contains vitamin C also, it is advisable to take them in conjunction as Vitamin C contributes towards normal collagen function.

Fish Oils

I always take fish oils for general health so I didn't include them on the photo for this post. But they are definitely worth investing in for not just hair health but for skin, joints and heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oils) nourish the hair follicle for stronger and shinier hair. 

Vitamin E

Another Supplement not photographed but I want to include..Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps with hair growth and health in countless ways. It is a great stimulant for the growth of capillaries, when the capillaries are strong and healthy, the blood circulation around the scalp is enhanced which then promotes strong and healthy hair growth. Vitamin E also protects the body from free radicals. Free radicals cause ageing, thinning and greying of the hair and even baldness. Therefore, Vitamin E is essential for the health of the body AND hair.

Now for the fun part...the results. Well, the results so far anyway. I started taking all of the supplements mentioned above at the end of the first week in January. I also took weekly photos to track my hair growth. Impatient? who, me!? So, let's see..

Oh hi regrowth, nice to see you! (first time I've ever said that). As you can see, my hair has grown quicker than the average 2.5cm per month. In fact, it measured 4.1cm on the last photo taken at 28 days! Now, that is quick for me, really quick! My hair used to grow at a rate of about 2cm per month, if that! Considering supplements can take up to three months to have an effect, I am really happy thus far.


  • I do believe a combination of all I have mentioned is vital for good health, not just for your hair but skin and nails too. It's hard to say for sure which factors help with hair growth the most, so practise a combination of as many as you can.
  • Be patient! Keep at your healthy lifestyle and results will come.
  • Stay away from overpriced 'celeb endorsed' hair supplements. You just need to look at the ingredients and you will see they can be bought much cheaper from your favourite health store. They are often way overpriced and don't contain as high of an amount of the nutrients as they should.
  • Try not to stress, stress is bad for your hair as well as skin and health. Manage stress levels as best you can.
Side Effects

Side effects to this healthy lifestyle? As well as accelerated hair growth, you may experience glowing skin and longer, stronger nails! 


I am inclined to think it's the supplements that are really helping to speed my hair growth process up. I always drink a lot of water, workout and eat healthily so I'm sure its supplements in particular that are causing my accelerated hair growth. It's also worth mentioning, when you start taking a supplement, they often say it will take three months to notice a difference! So, I am super excited to see how much more my hair will have grown after the full three months!

I get my supplements from Holland & Barrett because I find them to be of high quality, they're easily attainable and there are always offers on instore and online. But, of course you can get them from wherever you like to shop.

So, that's it! I hope this was of some help to you. I will do an update post in another 8 weeks time, if it's something you would be interested in? 

What are your hair growth tips? 

Will you be trying any of my methods?

Please leave a comment below and let me know, or if you have any questions.

Thanks as always, see you soon! 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Feel Upbeat, The Good Whey..

How many times have we all done it? Overslept, gone out with no breakfast, frantically rushing around only stopping to sip some coffee or tea. Then soon after, alas, hunger strikes. You look at your watch, ''But it's only 10am!'', your concentration is off, you have little energy, your stomach is rumbling as if to say ''why did you forget me!?'' 

Now you have no excuse. Let me introduce a low calorie, delicious high protein drink you can enjoy in your home, on your commute, for breakfast, pre and post workout, in between meals or whenever you fancy!

The Three Flavours : Strawberry (my favourite), Mango And Passion Fruit and Blueberry and Raspberry. 

Upbeat is a tasty low calorie, low fat dairy protein drink. It packs a mighty 20 grams of whey protein into each 250ml bottle and also contains a really moderate amount of sugar *thumbs up*  Upbeat is made from just three ingredients : Fresh whey protein, fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate. Each drink contains no more than 150 calories which is less than a bag of 37g crisps, half a bagel or two rounds of toast! So, as well as providing a very convenient source of protein for breakfast, Upbeat is low in carbohydrates so great for aiding with fat loss. Upbeat can be enjoyed in between meals, in place of your usual high sugar naughty snacks!

Who says convenience foods are bad?

All three flavours are absolutely delicious and very smooth in texture. Thinner than a milkshake and not as lumpy as a smoothie, these yogurt like drinks are super easy and a delight to drink. I really like the packaging too, it's really eye catching and cute. It's easy to see what you're buying and there are no hidden nasties.. it does what it says on the tin (Or bottle!)

Protein : The Lowdown.

Firstly, the word 'Protein' comes from the Greek word 'Proteios' which means primary. Which is what you should make this macro-nutrient in regards to your diet. Protein should be consumed with every meal you eat. The amount of protein you need per day depends on your activity level and weight but as general rule of thumb, you need 1g of protein per each lb of body weight. You can calculate this online and tailor your protein needs exactly to your requirements. Or you can use a trusty Upbeat calculator...

An example above for say an average adult

I am an active person and weight train regularly so my protein intake is set to 120g per day.

Now, as your body generally cannot digest more than 30g protein at one time, you need to spread your intake out over the day. For me that means eating five times a day. 

Whether you're active or not active, young or old...your body needs a constant supply of protein. Especially in the morning as your body has been in a fasting state overnight (Oh, hi Upbeat!)

Besides being hunger fighting and helping with fat loss, protein is the body's building block. We are essentially built from proteins. Our skin, organs, muscles, hair and nails all rely on a constant intake of protein to enable growth and development.

When consuming protein, I feel it's also important to obtain protein from a variety of sources. Meat and fish are the most popular choices while nuts, legumes, seeds, dairy and whey protein provide ample amounts of the much needed amino acid. 

Meat and fish generally take 3 hours to digest while liquid forms of protein i.e Whey protein can digest in approximately 30 minutes. Thus making protein drinks like Upbeat a fantastic source of protein, especially after your workout when your muscles need replenishing and repairing FAST! 

So, lets see how Upbeat compares to other protein sources :
Source: Feelingupbeat.com

As you can see above, Upbeat scores impressively, packing more protein into their bottles than contained in 3 eggs and 70g of tuna. Fantastic right? RIGHT! 

Upbeat drinks are made by 'The Good Whey Co' and I think they have given us all an affordable and convenient way to help us on our way to getting our daily protein needs. A diet high in protein really does stave off hunger and halt potential unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Upbeat certainly does fill you up nicely whilst only providing 150 calories or less. Therefore making it easier to hit your protein macros but not racking up the calories. Now that's something to get upbeat about ;-)

I really like how those lovely folk at 'The Good Whey Co' are really interactive with their customers too. They're really active across all social media platforms and really put themselves out there whilst appreciating each and every person that interacts with them. Their customer service is something other companies could learn a lot from. 

I genuinely have been buying these drinks for months. I always have them in my fridge or buy one when I'm out shopping to have in between meals. They are really affordable and so much more nutritious than other snacks. The convenience of Upbeat is the selling point for me. What else can you throw in your bag with this amount of protein? Or eat or drink when you only have a few minutes to spare and no time to cook or make a smoothie for example?

Upbeat will be remaining on my shopping list for the foreseeable future. Skipping breakfast? Snacking on junk in between meals? Not me!  After all, not all convenience food is bad! You just need a little bit of willpower...

Upbeat costs approximately £1.79 each (but it's often on offer) and is available from Tesco, Holland And Barrett, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. You can also visit the Upbeat website to learn more and say hello!

Have you tried Upbeat yet?

What do you think if you have tried it?

Please leave me a comment down below. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

A D.I.Y Spot Brush Cleaner...

Hello! Firstly, let me say welcome back to my blog and I hope you're all well. know it's been a very long time since I last posted so, please forgive me for that and thank you all for being so patient. I am back now though and planning to post every week again.

So,on to this post. Cleaning your make-up brushes regularly should be a permanent part of your beauty routine. Not just to care for your brushes but to care for your skin. Brushes that contain old make-up will be also plentiful in bacteria. This, you don't want on your face! *thumbs down*

If you own lots of make-up brushes you will know it can be quite tedious cleaning them regularly. I'm yet to meet a make-up artist or beauty enthusiast that actually looks forward to cleaning their brushes.

So, what can you do to make life easier for yourself? Well, In between periods of washing your brushes and not, you can do something called ''spot cleaning'' which is quicker than a full on clean and will sanitise and clean your brushes up nicely until they need to be thoroughly cleaned.

A while back I purchased the brush cleaner from M.A.C and also one from The Body Shop. They worked fine but weren't cheap. When they ran out, I began to look for a more affordable option. Alas, I didn't have much joy. Then, I had a thought! Why not just check the ingredients and see what is in these expensive brush cleaners? *Cue light bulb above my head*

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...Alcohol, water, fragrance and some sort of moisturising element. Wow! I can do this and save a fair bit of money doing so! Ok, here's what you'll need:

  • An Empty Spray Bottle
  • Distilled Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Surgical spirit)
  • Baby Shampoo
  • A Conditioner Of Your Choice (no oils as we're not washing it out)
  • A Clean Cloth Or Towel

The cleaner with all ingredients added (Above).

I haven't included amounts in mls of what you need to use as it depends on the size of the bottle you're using. I have shown it as a ratio. So, you want approximately 30% of alcohol first, 60% water and the remaining 10% to be your baby shampoo and conditioner. 

The conditioner is not essential but alcohol can be quite drying, so I add it in as it works well with the baby shampoo in keeping the brushes soft. Also, my brushes are synthetic thus tend to be more durable and not as soft as natural brushes.

When you have your cleaner all mixed and ready, shake it up and get your chosen brushes.

Spray the mixture directly onto your brush head and begin to wipe it onto your cloth.

This is how the brush looks after it's initial clean. You can go ahead and repeat the process if it needs more cleaning.

Now, line up all your other brushes and repeat the process until they are as clean as can be. They won't need much drying but lie them all flat to dry and air out before using them.

So, there you have it! As you can see, this method has worked great. Clean and DRY brushes which are ready to use again should you wish to reuse the same brushes rather than dirtying others. I will say this... let the brushes air for at least 5-10 minutes so the alcohol can evaporate (This is a personal preference of mine). 

This is a really inexpensive way to clean your brushes and the products are so readily available. You will probably even have them lying around your house! AND..you can treat yourself to something pretty with the money you have saved ;-)

Please let me know if you will be trying this and how it goes.

How do you spot clean your brushes?

Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope this helps!