Monday, 31 March 2014

See By Chloe Dupe...

L-R See By Chloe and L'eau Rose By Next.

I am a huge fan of Chloe perfumes so when I recently found a dupe for one of my favourite scents, I was soooo excited and I have to share it with you. High end cosmetics and fragrances are overpriced, there's no two ways about it. So, I like to help you guys out and let you all know when I find affordable gems. Because who doesn't love a bargain?

The dupe is 'L'eau Rose' from Next. I must say, I have never encountered a perfume that smells as close to the original as this one. Even I can't tell the difference (I'm serious!) The only difference is in the staying power. The Chloe one lasts longer than the Next one, but they are both eau de parfum so both last for a long time anyway.

A bit more about the original...I have the 50ml edp bottle and it cost £52. The fragrance is an addictive floral scent. The first sparkling notes of bergamot stir the senses. In an accord of apple blossom, the grace of jasmine caresses this natural seductress with sensual notes of sandalwood and vanilla. This is more sensual than the original Chloe which leans more towards the Rosy side. The bottle is quite simple and diddy, which I like and it is available in 30ml and 75ml bottles also. I absolutely LOVE this fragrance so I was overjoyed to find a dupe which is much more affordable, very similar and a long lasting eau de parfum scent. 

See By Chloe.

Now, onto the dupe. I actually had no idea what this would smell like. I sprayed it while I was queueing up in Next because it had 'rose' in the title and I love fragrances with rose in. I may have let out a rather loud shriek when I smelled it and instantly likened it to my 'See By Chloe'. Let's face it, Chloe ain't cheap so if I find a dupe for it that happens to be eau de parfum too, I will get excited and not care about the looks I'll receive from other shoppers in store. I excitedly selected the biggest bottle - 100ml and took it to the till. This cost a mere £12!! That's £40 cheaper than the Chloe one AND you get 50ml more fragrance! (winning!) L'eau Rose is described as ''Fresh and floral, this fragrance combines citrus notes with crushed petals upon a base of soft sandalwood''. I can't find the full list of notes used but they have got to be similar or the same!

L'eau Rose By Next.

The bottle is pretty and larger than the Chloe one. It has a glamorous and quite chic look about it. I really like the pink and clear ombre effect and the box is lovely too (Which I have misplaced).

L'eau Rose By Next.

There is a smaller bottle available and a roller ball version too.

I've got to say, I am blown away by this fragrance. The quality of the scent, the packaging and the price make this a winner. I will be repurchasing this as it's unlikely I will be forking out £52 to repurchase the Chloe one. I think I may get a back up sooner rather than later though, in case Next discontinue this.

If you are a fan of See By Chloe, Chloe fragrances in general or floral/rosy scents, I highly recommend you give this a sniff. It is truly beautiful. It is available Here

If you want to give See By Chloe a try, I got mine Here

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Bourjois Java Rice Powder review...

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't the packaging that attracted me to this product. Truth is, I didn't even know what it was but I wanted it because of the packaging. It reminds me of something I used to see on My Grandma's dressing table. Stunningly vintage and unique a vision to see in Boots in 2014!

So, of course it makes sense that this is a reinvent of the original Bourjois rice powder which launched in 1879. Celebrating Bourjois's 150th birthday by giving us modern day folk a chance to try this beautiful looking and smelling cult product.

On the to the product. This is essentially a face powder. A translucent face powder with very subtle illuminating properties. It is comparable to the Bare Escentuals Mineral veil in texture. The texture is beyond gorgeous. Silky, smooth, velvety, lightweight, illuminating and accompanied by an absolutely divine vintage rose smell. 

I did actually buy this to use as a highlighter but when I tried it at home, it didn't give as much highlight as I would like in a highlighting product. I applied more and more to my cheekbones but alas, it didn't give the desired effect. So, I got my face brush out and decided to apply it all over my face :-0 I know, an illuminating, slightly shimmery powder all over my face? Yup! And the results surprised me. It didn't give the expected ''glitter ball'' face and nor did it look 100% matte.

Java Rice Powder applied all over the face.

This powder gave my skin a lovely smooth slightly matte finish. It sets liquid foundation brilliantly and lasts all day. 

The results are not what I expected. Upon swatching this in store, it looked really shimmery and perfect for a subtle highlighter. However, it's not packing enough of a sheen for me to use that way. As a face powder, it delivers the perfect amount of illumination whilst still looking quite mattifying. If you like a 100% matte powder, this won't be for you. If you like a strong illuminating powder, this won't be for you. For me I really like this as a powder to set my liquid foundation. It seems to lighten and brighten slightly and somehow, the minute glitter particles don't show up! It just gives your complexion a ''lift''.

Rumour has it that this is a limited edition so, if you want to get your hands on one, do it sooner rather than later!

This currently retails at £9.99 for 5g of product and is available from Bourjois, Superdrug and Boots. I got mine from Boots 

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring lipsticks...

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last blogpost (for various reasons) but I am back! Back with something I think everyone in the beauty world gets excited about...spring lipsticks!

So, it is the first day of spring today (UK) and what better time to share with you my current favourite lip products for springtime.

For me, spring is all about orange, coral and peach toned lipsticks. These are my absolute favourite shades to wear and there is a shade for everyone.

Here are my favourite five current shades...

L-R No.7 'Gay Geranium', Topshop 'Macaroon', Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm 'Demure', Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 'Mischievous' and Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 'Unapologetic'.

L-R Revlon Matte Balm 'Mischievous', Revlon Matte Balm 'Unapologetic', No.7 'Gay geranium', Topshop 'Macaroon' and Revlon Lacquer Balm 'Demure'.

Wearing Revlon Mischievous.

Wearing Revlon Unapologetic.

Wearing No.7 Gay Geranium.

Wearing Topshop Macaroon.

Wearing Revlon Demure.

So, there you have it. I have included two brights, a peach and two ''nudey'' subtle shades, but it wasn't easy picking these five!

I do however have a bit of love for Revlon products at the moment and I urge you all to try these matte/lacquer balms. There are many gorgeous shades for spring/summer, they have great pigmentation and contain a triple complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter so they are not drying. They are available in most drugstores across the world and from Boots and Superdrug in the UK.

Topshop make-up is also fab, across the board. The packaging is super cute and the products are extremely high quality. Lipstick available here Topshop

Last but not least...my favourite out of the bunch, Gay Geranium by No.7 at Boots A super bright orange. Orange is thee colour for spring/summer 2014 and you can't go wrong with this one!

What are your favourite colours to wear for spring?

Have you tried the Revlon balm sticks?

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